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ValExp, short for the Values Explorer, is a theory and an instrument for interpersonal communication, influence, leadership, and many other applications.

By having a close look at the values you hold most dearly, we develop a theory with applicatons that allows you to understand "what makes the others tick". Building on this knowledge, we learn to improve our relationships with others; We learn to understand conflict, why we get into conflict, and how we can get out, or make sure we don't get in in the first place.

The ValExp is the realization of this theory. It is in the same psychometric category as MBTI, Firo-B, DISQ, 16PF and a host of others.

The other instruments are costly and sold for the profit of the companies holding the copyright. Germinal Knowledge, owner of ValExp, does not sell the questionnaire. We will help you fill it out and understand the results. If you wish to pursue the applications, we offer (paid) seminars tailored to your needs.

If you are a personal development consultant (trainer, coach, psychotherapist) and you would like to use the ValExp in your work, we are happy to have you with us. You need to take the qualification course which is offered online at

Why is ValExp free?
Somehow, we don't like the idea of charging money just to fill out a questionnaire. The interpretation, application and support in your further development is, however, something that we invoice (at a modest rate).

What kind of seminars/services do we offer?
The applications are vast: Support in personal relationships, Conflict management, Mediation, Mediator Training, Coaching, Leadership, Teambuilding, Influence, Cross-Cultural understanding, anger management, etc.

We offer customized training, coaching, mediation, etc. in any one or mixture of the topics above.

Since we have decades of experience, we can suggest trainings in case you would like to know more, but do not have immediate needs to be covered.

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